Sunday, December 02, 2007


2007 Trip

Once again, I had a fabulous trip to Hong Kong and visiting Yam & Jeff. Lots of exploring, shopping and good food...again. Here are some pictures of the trip. (the pictures above, Yam had the Hello Kitty flowers waiting for me in my bedroom...a street cat....a dolphin with teeth)

The first day we went to Stanley Market. It is a huge outdoor/indoor market on the other side of Hong Kong. Found so much stuff there!
Here are pictures of the bus trip to Stanley and the beginning of the market.
The second day we decided to do some shopping around Hong Kong. We tried to go to one of my favorite yarn stores in Mong Kok but they were closed. Thought you would like to see the sign in front of the indication of what a great store it really is. Bought some Jaeger merino yarn...let's say...very inexpensive.

All the Christmas decorations were out....

The Star Ferry to the island of Hong Kong...

The pets....being very cute as always. The second night I opened the door to my bedroom and Fritz was sitting in the middle of the floor, the dark. Not right.

The food was soooo good...just like last year. One of my favorite things are pork buns. They have bread around bbq pork. I just love them. Yam had them waiting for me when we got home from the airport. Such a good friend.

Yam found a place that has the Lord Stow's egg tarts. Last year we went all the way to Macau for them.

Some funky soup with dates in it. Just didn't look...well...good.

What cracks me up is that you can buy basically anything on the street. Check out the guy reading his paper under the fresh meat. Also, the box is filled with bird's nest. They are supposed to be good for women and collegan.

Ocean Park!! And the Pandas!

There was an exhibit of jelly fish.

The rollercoasters were built on the side of the mountain so when you are on feel like you are going over the side. To get to the pandas you have to take the tram to the other side. Kind of scarey. Above is a picture of Yam....she wasn't happy at all.
One of the signs...the Dolphin Encounter...cracked me up. The guy looks like he is way to into the dolphin, right?
Check out the lady in the pink mumu...with the Burberry bag...once wrong.
Thanksgiving we went to Chuen Kee again...

We went up to Victoria Peak. On the way up to the peak we had to stand in the trolly. Thought for sure we were going to not make it. The first picture it the tolley tracks....steep. Also some pictures of the view....and me. All around Hong Kong we were seeing people taking pictures and giving the peace sign. Had to laugh. Just reminded me of growing up and Kevin Bednarowski giving the peace sign and saying "Cool it, baby." It was the 70's you know.

On the last day we went to Shenzen for some shopping and picking Yam's stuff up from the taylor. Oh, the deals we got in China. Some of them I really can't chat about online...but let me tell involved a contact, a secret knock and a closet.

Just some random photos...............

Time's Square, Hong Kong

Take a look at the telecom sign....hee, hee.

Yam in a fabulous bathroom.

Little cat fight at a store.

We went for Dim Sum at City Hall one day. Sooooo good and the ladies speak English and that helped a bit. There are alot of weddings at City Hall. Check out the groom in front of the place...and his tie. Humm...he got married in that one.

Had to take this picture of a man with a purse...and his fanny pack.

Public grooming is very common. Saw it numerous times but this time was priceless.

Here are some videos....a Panda....Otto....and some of the seafood we ate at Thanksgiving before the frying....