Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Wonderful Time!!

Had such a wonderful time in Hong Kong visting Yam!! Things sometimes are just a little different than what we are use to. One of my favorite signs is this one...controlled items...guns..knives...drugs...and no cute fluffy white kitties. LOL.

This is an advertisement for the Hairy Crab...they are in season now. Why is this crab smiling?

The Temple Night Market. We went here the first night I was in Hong Kong.



On our last day we went to mainland Shenzen. Another friend of Yam's, Kristin, came with us. In the markets you have to negotiate for everything. Yam and I did a good job during the week but Kristin was the MASTER negotiator!!! Here we all are in a jewelry store. We were there for about a half an hour...but deals were had.

In Shenzen we purchased Chalks...they are marble stamps with names in Chinese engraved on the bottom. Here are pictures of them being made.

The food...the food...we didn't have one bad meal...not one.

Yam picking out some pastries.

Dim Sum

Taro rolls...yummy!!!

Yam taking me up to a yarn store. I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful guide!!

There were lots of apartment buildings just like these through the city. Can't imagine living in one.


Big Budda!

Big Budda. We took about an hour boat ride...then an hour bus ride to Big Budda and the Po Lin Monastery.

You had to walk up about 300 steps.

It was so rainy that day. We saw a sign for "Amber typhoon Warning." This is the Budda going in and out of the fog.

Yam and I at the top of the stairs.

After the trip up to BB, we had a great vegetarian lunch at the monastery.


More Pictures

Various pictures.....

Laundry...laundry. It was everywhere and outside. I just don't want to have to see people's not so white underwear..but that is just me.

There is a Times Square in Hong Kong and all the Christmas decorations went up.

Some various pictures of Hong Kong...

Picture from the Star Ferry going to Hong Kong.

We went to Stanley Market. This is right outside of the market.

I don't know what the name of this building is but I loved the shape.

The subway.


Mid Levels

There is a part of Hong Kong called Mid Levels. Alot of Ex-Pats live there. What makes it an interesting part of the city is that they have a series of escalators in order to go up and down the hill. People commute via escalator.

The beginning of the escalators and about midway up.

A tree growing out of the wall.

You can see how steep the hill is. We had to walk down...the escalators only were going up.


Sai Kung Part 2

Thanksgiving was so much fun. We took a bus about an hour away to a little town called Sai Kung. It was nice to get out of the hustle of Hong Kong and have some excellent sea food.

The hostess asked us if we wanted to sit by the kitchen. I am so glad we did. We got to see the cooks in action. It looked as if everything was steamed. I had to of the guys had Chicago Bulls shorts on.

The bathroom at the restaurant was amazing! Yam went back in and took these pictures.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Thanksgiving in Sai Kung Part 1

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner in Sai Kung.

Here is Yam staring down the biggest crab I have every seen. I couldn't help but think who could eat who?

You could pick out your seafood right outside of the restaurant...or see what you were going to eat in a few minutes.

These are called "scillia" mantas. I always get the name wrong. I want to call them squirly mantis..but I know that isn't the name. They are HUGE...about a foot long. Tastes alot like shrimp.

Here they are cooked!

Uncooked again...

Hairy crabs. They are in season now.