Monday, June 26, 2006


Another Saturday Stroll

Saturday being book group day (for real, this time), I grabbed my camera again and headed out the door. It was a beautiful day, warm in the sun but cool and breezy in the shade. No sign of rain, unlike today.

I tripped over my old printer and I think I broke my toe Thursday night so I was a little worried about how I was going to make it on foot, but it wasn't too bad by yesterday. Luckily, I didn't have to go anywhere on Friday so I could give it a little rest. I'm a little relieved; this would be a bad time for me to have a serious injury, for obvious reasons. I just left a little earlier than usual so I could walk as slowly as I needed to, so I had a nice leisurely walk there and back.

I got to my corner at Roscoe and Broadway to discover the gay pride fairies had performed their annual overnight redecorating:Oh, yeah. Happy Gay Pride Parade Day!

Since there was no game today, I decided to walk down Addison to Southport.Headless Harry says "Hello from Wrigley Field!" (You can see his head in the shadow, at least.)

I don't know if you're familiar with this store, but it's been a landmark of mine since I moved to Chicago. I've always thought it looked like a really cool store. And yet, I've never been inside. Strange, huh?

This time I was able to get a reasonably decent picture of The Music Box, home of many cool movies, The Sound of Music singalong, one of the few places other than church where you can hear live organ music, and the occasional rat.

And that's pretty much how I spent the weekend. How did everyone else spend theirs?

ahhhh - you have no idea how much I miss Chicago. I spent the weekend pretty blandly, Jeff and I spent most of the morning opening up a bank account, and going for lunch, we ended up going to McDonald's - yeah - pitiful, but they have this incredible sandwich called the Funtastic, it's a rice bun, you can get chicken or beef, it's soo good - yeah, I know - pitiful. I'm not a big fan of cantonese food, never have been - thank god for thai and vietnamese, and indian - yum. On Sunday we went to Aberdeen and walked around, not a whole lot going on, but it wasn't too hot out so it was good to get in some walkies. I had a job interview at the HK YMCA but, I don't think I'm interested, it's a 44 hour week that includes Sundays - uggghhh, and barely pays waht I made coming out of undergrad over 10 years ago, very sad indeed. ANd I guess, that the point is to get my foot in the door and get a routine going, but I just can't get into working those hours for a horrible salary - I can't! I just can't. OK - enough rants - I hopefully will contribute my pix on this blog soon. FYI - I deleted - accidently all the photos from my going away dinners in Chicago. I was so upset, I can't believe I did that! Spazzz.
Well, Chicago misses you, too. I'm glad you're starting to get out there, and even if you don't accept this job, at least you know there are some out there.

I've never been that crazy about Cantonese food either, unless it's done really really well every once in a while. I'm glad there's other good stuff out there.

Can't wait to see some pictures! Bummer about the going away dinners. Guess you'll have to come back and do them all over again. :)
Oh my gosh! I have heard about the rice buns! I was listening to lots of talk radio this past weekend and they were talking about McDonalds and how they are different around the world. That was just a bad thing to listen to because I had to stop and get a Big Mac.
OHMIGAHD - the big macs here are scrumptious - really, they taste so much better, I don't get it. And you know what else else? You can get an egg mcmuffin any TIME you want, morning, afternoon, evening. They've also got these really yummy, chicken wings that they serve with a thai chili sauce. soooo good. How pathetic am I, I move to HK, and eat more meals at McD's than ever. But, it really is alot tastier, and the portions are smaller They have really good sides like corn and pineapple slices too. I'll stop with the MCDonald's already. I'll put a picture of the fantastic on my blog.
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