Monday, June 19, 2006


Chili is Missing

You know that I am always talking about my sister's evil cat....Chili? On Friday, they all went camping and the cat must have gotten out while they were packing the car. Usually, they are really careful of that. Chili got out. I feel so sorry for my sister. He is out there....somewhere...I am just hoping that he comes to his senses and finds his way home. It just makes me think....if Bert and Felix got out...would they come back? Why wouldn't a cat come back to his home? Does he hold a grudge? Too many kids and not enough cat toys?

This Chili thing just sucks. Jean's 40th birthday is this week too.

Oh, I can't post any more pictures for awhile. My camera bit the dust....well...I dropped it...on concrete. So, just picture the Bohus completed and nicely blocked. It really is me.

Oh, that's so sad. I hope he does come back. How are the kids taking it?
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