Friday, June 16, 2006


Hummm....Wonder What Happened?

Last night Debi and I worked at the yarn store. Mary's family was having a party for Jason's 40th. It was a fun night for all. Really, I am not being sarcastic. Really. At about 8:30 a Mom and her daughter came in looking for yarn for an afgan. It had to match specific colors and feel, etc. Oh my gosh, such a production. At about 9:30 they left and I really felt that they were satisfied with the choices they made.

So, when Debi and I left...this car was parked next to mine! It is a little hard to see but the back end is held together by just duct tape...even the bumper. It scares me that this thing could even be running...let alone parked near me!! I am just not that getto to use duct tape...oh, wait...that isn't ghetto...that is just white trash...ya, I can relate to white trash. Nevermind.

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