Thursday, June 08, 2006


Sock Yarn

Hey, I can send you sock yarn!! How much do you need? I can send it tomorrow from work too. Just went through all my yarn and organized it in the ziploc big

I have a whole bag of sock yarn!! Probably for about 60 I can send ya some. :) Oh, let me get rid of my stash!!

FINALLY finished the bohus last night. Even stayed up and sewed that thing all together. I am so happy!! I just need to find buttons now.

Oh! My last post I talked about throwing that sweater in the garbage. I should even talk about stuff like that. The next day (6.6.06) I was running out the door to work and threw a bunch of garbage down the shoot. Just grabbed bags and left. The night before I went to Target to get a $100 gift card (for my step nephew) and some wedding decorations (for an attorney I work with..we are decorating her office tomorrow). I threw THOSE away. I couldn't believe it...and realized it when I was about 10 minutes from work (and I was very late). All day long I was pissed off at myself and hoping that the bag would still be there and on top of the garbage bin. Sooo, I got home, found a broom and went into the garbage room....hoping that no one would see me. It was there! I saw the target bag sticking up under another bag. Ya, I did some dumpster diving.

Tim and I used to play this game in the subway...what would get you down on the tracks? Glasses? Your wallet? Keys? I felt I was living the game the other night. That trash bin is gross! When I told Tim he said that a $100.00 gift card wouldn't be enough to go in.

Oh, I can send you beans too! Just let me know what kind. I can send you a care package of beans and sock yarn.

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