Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A Stroll through Lakeview

This Saturday I set out for the trek to Cafe Avanti on Southport for my book group. It was hot, but there was enough of a breeze that it was fairly cool on the shady side of the street.

On the way out the door I grabbed the little battery-operated mini camera my sister gave me for Christmas. The quality isn't great, but I managed to get a few shots that you should be able to identify.

The giraffe on Elaine Street says hello. I love that this statue is just a couple of blocks from me. When I worked down at UIC I would pass him every day on the way to the bus. Now I only see him every once in a while, like when I'm going to book group.

Next we get to Roscoe and Halsted, where you see the fashionable Beatnix. I wasn't sure how this picture would come out. There are all kinds of rainbow crepe paper thing-ies in the window and all the mannequins are wearing the most lurid-colored speedo-type combinations. I would have taken a picture up close, but they have a sign posted that says "Absolutely No Pictures" and I did't want to get busted!

Summer has definitely arrived on Roscoe Street. They really go all out on this street, especially the further west you go.

And even though it hasn't really been all that hot, all of the flowers looked a little hot and wilted today. I'm sure they'll perk up again once the sun goes away.

This was just one of the many beautiful landscaped yards I passed. It was one of the prettiest.

The lindens are in bloom. Right now the sweet smell surrounds you whenever you walk down a Linden-lined sidewalk.

And finally, we come to Halsted and Addison, and Wrigley Field. I guess there was a game Saturday. Oh yes, and Mary was supposed to be at that game. This picture was taken around 2:30, Mary. Where were you? I hope you weren't too hot at the game.

There were tons of people all around in the street. I would have been really annoyed, but I was there on a mission so it was all ok.

I finally made it to Southport and Waveland. (You would be looking at a picture of the Music Box right now if it had come out ok.) I went in to Cafe Avanti, ordered an iced raspberry herb tea, and sat down to wait for my group.

And waited. And waited. And finally, after about twenty minutes, remembered that we had decided to meet a week later this month so I get to do it all over again next Saturday.

But that's ok. I had a nice rest in the air conditioning and got some good reading in before heading back home.

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