Monday, June 26, 2006


What in the Hell Did I Do This Past Weekend?

I was in Cincinnati this past weekend and this is what my sister and I did Ya, I climbed a bridge. It was the only way to get my sister out of the house of a specific period of we could have her surprise party! Jean LOVED the climb and I have to admit that it was great! Oh, Jean was totally surprised and had NO clue. We told her that the babysitter was coming over and a bunch of us were going to Greek Fest. On the way home she made a comment "I love my kids but I am really happy to go out tonight and be with adults." Opps.

I have a picture of Jean and I ON the bridge but my scanner isn't working...I'll see what is up with all of that later.

Oh my God Mary that's a hoot! It looks a little scary but lots of fun.

And all I could think of as I was looking at the pictures was this:

I hope you didn't run into any flying purple people eaters? ;)
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