Saturday, June 17, 2006


The Yam Project: Equipment 2

Ok Yam, I'm going to take it a little more slowly from here on out so you don't go into withdrawal from seeing too much of your stuff at one time. And if it ever gets to be too much, just say the word and I'll stop until your stuff arrives and you've had more of a chance to settle into your new home.

Here are some more of the things you left with me. The Edward Gorey lunchbox (how cool is that, BTW? I got it and a smaller one at book expo a couple of years ago) makes a perfect home for all the cool cookie cutters I plan to use once it gets cool enough to bake again. Behind the lunch box is an oversized bail-top mason jar that just needs a new rubber ring to make it good for storing a lot of something . . . but what?

And as you can see, the four Ikea storage jars are perfect for my colorful collection of lentils--red, black, and french green. And that's pearled barley hiding behind the red lentils.

One of the challenges of avoiding processed/canned foods and trying to eat healthily is finding containers for all of the different ingredients I have in my pantry. These are not only useful, they're much prettier than the old mayonnaise jars I was using.

And if your eye is really sharp, you will have noticed the blue towel decorating the counter behind everything. It gives my teeny, drab kitchen some much-needed color.

Yesterday I met my friend Bob for coffee and we walked over to the lake behind Roscoe where they built the bird sanctuary. It was hot and sunny, and everything was green and the sky was blue. I really wished I had my camera so I could take some pictures for you. Next time, I promise.

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