Friday, June 09, 2006


The Yam Project: Equipment

This is a picture of most of the equipment I got from Yamilett before she left Chicago. Let's see if I can list it all. From left:
Rolling pin
Silicon spatula
Two springform pans
Two flan pans
Madeiline pan
Mortar and pestle
Creme Brulee butane torch
Mini mesh strainer
Larger strainer with holes
Wire rack
I've actually used a lot of it already.

I used the rolling pin for these Poppyseed Spirals I made for an online spice challenge (if you haven't read it yet, the post is here).

I hadn't used a rolling pin in years, and had never really used one that much before, so it was quite a challenge. But all in all, I was pleased with how these came out. They tasted really good, too!

I also used the wire rack to cool these puppies.

I've used the mini mesh strainer countless times already--I'd forgotten that I used to have one in Austin and it's great for many purposes, expecially because I take the shake-holes off of all my spices as soon as I get them home, and it makes a great quick spice shaker. It's also good for straining seeds out of juiced limes and lemons, which I've also done with this one.

The bigger strainer with the cute little holes I've used to strain chicken stock and it worked beautifully. I hate using my other large mesh strainer because the chicken bits get stuck in the mesh and it's hard to clean. This strainer was easy easy easy to clean!

The whisk has been put to use several times to make this vinaigrette. I don't buy salad dressing anymore!

The spatula has flipped its share of pancakes (both regular and whole wheat).

That's it for this batch. I think the Madeiline pan is up to bat next.

Deb - I want my stuff back!
Just kidding - temporary seperation anxiety - it will pass. Those cookies are beautiful, I USED to make rolled cookies, now I got no oven. I hope to have all my stuff replaced by the time Mary comes to visit.
Have fun at the shop today, miss you guys!
No oven? Oh my gosh. Ever since I bought my condo...that is one of the best things in it. I am so amazed at what a good oven can do!

I am about 3 inches along on the cornelia tuttle mess. It really is looking good. I will write out the pattern and post it for you. It just reminds me that I love knitting in the round.

I am so cold right now that that skirt is sounding rather nice. I went out to lunch at Giordono's (hate it but they have a great salad). They had the air on "artic." AND I like it cold. I am drinking hot chocolate as I type this.
I didn't mean to make you feel bad, Yamilett. Should I wait until your stuff gets there before I do any more of these?

Those cookies were actually a lot of fun to make, and they were really good, too.

Has your stuff left Chicago yet?
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