Thursday, June 08, 2006


The Yam Project

Now that we're up and running, I was going to get started with the Yam Project, but Blogger was down today and I'm putting in quite a bit of time on a different (paying) project so I might not be able to officially start it for a couple of days.

So here's something to keep you from getting too bored:

WHAT HAPPENED IN CHICAGO--JUNE 7, 2006: Daley Wants To Make Chicago Fashionable.

ETA So how'd the Stitch 'n Bitch go?

Uhhhh - yeah, and so what does hizzoner have to do with fashion? Is it like the cultural center foundation, a city department/foundation thingy? Cool, I guess. You gotta see some of the wacky outfits here, I saw a girl come out of the train station dressed in a poufy whie lacy, tulle outfit, ala Madonna/ or some kinda of freaky anime character, from now on I take my camera EVERYWHERE.
I didn't go to the stitch and bitch because I didn't have anything to work on. WAH, lame yes. I know. I'll go next week.
I'm thinking about another pair of sockies. Check out the granddaughter socks online at Interweave knits. They're are dahhhhling.
Yeah, well we'll see if Hong Kong fashion can hold a candle to what struts up and down Lincoln Avenue on St. Patrick's Day.

Or any other day, come to think of it. God knows we need a Fashion Advisory Board, although we'd do better with plain old Fashion Police.

And you're off the hook for this week, Missy, but you're going to get yourself down to Stitch 'n Bitch next week for sure, hear?
Yamilett- you should start a blog of Hong Kong street fashion- just pictures of people you come across. Those are my favorite blogs- there are some really good ones.
BTW, did anyone else notice that the headline of THIS blog says that Yam moved to Hong King?
I think that's a great idea, or at least something you could incorporate in your blog when you start it.

I think you should consider doing that here in Chicago, -J!
J - that's a great idea - very funny, and appeals to my sarcastic bitchy side - I'm on it, girl! So, I got a response to my email to the stitch n'bitches, one of the girls is from CHICAGO!!!!!!!
I can't wait to meet her, I wonder how long she's been in HK, and why?
It's sat. afternoon, we just got our cable installed and earlier we watched a bootleg version of 40 year old Virgin. HIlarious - stunningly surprising, I know. But I recommend it. OK, gotta hop. Talk to ya'll. Download SKYPE - it's awesome!!!!
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